Scobleizer is on fire … A new kind of conversation is needed with Microsoft

Robert Scoble sums up his view on Microsoft’s priorities … Not bad

Last week Microsoft made a big step on working with the community. We saw what can happen if you put something out there, put your ear to the ground, and then refactor based on what you hear.

But, now, it’s time to step up the game. I’ll be honest. We haven’t been listening to the rumbling herd very well. We got blogging pretty well. MSN Spaces is on fire. More than 15 million spaces have been created since opening in December. 15 million!

The IE team is on fire. They understand the power of browse, search, subscribe. That’s a deep transformation that I thought would take a lot longer to happen.

The Mappoint Team is coming soon with Virtual Earth. Yeah, Google Earth is 3D and all that (congrats to Google — it’s freaking awesome), but Virtual Earth is gonna suprise you as to what it helps you do and how it helps you connect to real-world things around you. Chandu over there understands the power of letting people put their own stuff on maps (he’s the guy who built the blog map to my right).

But, there are other trees in the new media forest still to evolve. We need a new kind of conversation to make sure these teams not only do what’s right, but do what’s best for you as a customer and someone who uses this stuff.

"But I hate Microsoft and don’t want to help you out," I can hear some of you saying.

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