Microsoft Monitor : For Competitors: Microsoft Partner Conference, Day One

Microsoft Monitor has quite a comprehensive overview of Day 1 of Microsoft’s Partner Conference in Mineapolis :

Today, Microsoft kicked off its annual partners conference in Minneapolis. The three-day event is no small show for Microsoft. With no real, dedicated sales force, Microsoft is largely dependent on third parties to sell and service its products and related hardware. As I explained two years ago, I consider Microsoft partners to be the company’s first customer, more so than the consumers or businesses buying the software.

I’m also convinced that Microsoft software could be easier to use, if not for dependence on this first customer. If the software were truly easy to install and use, partners wouldn’t be in a position to easily make money selling, installing and servicing the stuff. I believe this co-dependence between Microsoft and its partners contributes to the complexity of the company’s software, but also creates opportunities for competitors focusing on the real needs of the end-user customer.

I will take key announcements from day one and explain their significance, particularly for Microsoft competitors. …

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