Michael Sampson : Thoughts on OneNote Shared Sessions

Michael Sampson has done a thorough review of Microsoft OneNote. Also some good observations of what’s missing in the current version …

One of the reasons for purchasing a Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC was to use Microsoft OneNote for free-form planning, mindmapping, and note taking (such as in meetings with clients, where the page is projected onto the wall), along with the retention of those pages in a notebook-style interface. A particular feature of interest in OneNote was Shared Sessions (or would should perhaps more accurately be called, “Live Sessions”, in keeping with Microsoft’s other real-time offerings), a Pillar 3-type capability that permits multiple people with OneNote to jointly view and edit one or more OneNote pages. One license to OneNote SP1 came with the M4, and I downloaded the 60-day free trial of OneNote SP1 for my other Toshiba laptop, thus enabling me to try out Shared Sessions in my lab. During my recent visit to the US, Eric Mack and I held a number of OneNote Shared Sessions, including a demonstration one during the 7 Pillars tutorial I ran at CTC2005. Based on those experiences, I offer the following observations about what works and what doesn’t with OneNote Shared Sessions.

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