Commercial sits (sic) sick of Firfox (sic)

aka More on browser wars …

WebSideStory publishes regular browser market share numbers. So do OneStat, XiTi, W3Schools, and others. The latest contribution (though the company says it’s been tracking the data since 1997) is the July Browser Market Share White Paper that Janco’s IT Productivity Center plans to publicize Thursday with a press release, which reads in part:

“The positive glow on Firefox was dulled in April with the identification of some security gaps in Firfox (sic). While still maintaining its number 2 position, Firefox seems to have lost its momentum….Netscape’s release of version 8 has become a non-event. According to our data, Netscape continues to lose market share.”

The top five browsers, according to Janco: IE with 85 percent, Firefox with 9 percent, Mozilla with 3 percent, AOL with 1 percent, and Netscape with 1 percent.

While these numbers aren’t radically different from those in other recent surveys, it’s worth noting the company’s statement that they derive “from commercial sits (sic) which a (sic) focus on business to business activity.”

Netscape and AOL could point out no one considers business-to-business activity the wellspring of their target market.

Janco, for its part, could hire a copyeditor.

[Via CNET]