$99 Linux Handheld with WiFi for Instant Messaging

I just had a discussion earlioer this week with my collegue Maarten (’the mobile guy’ 😉 ) about how there would be a market for a mobile device that ‘just’ does wireless IM. I am very sure it will replace SMS in a huge manor in the coming years …
The device described below looks a lot like the ‘surfing’ device that Nokia announced a couple of months ago.

An anonymous reader writes “LinuxDevices.com has an interesting write up about the new Aeronix Zipit instant messenger appliance. It is intended to free up a family PC from IM chatting teens. From the article: “the Zipit is based on a Cirrus EP7312-CR-90, an SoC (system-on-chip) with an ARM720T core that clocks up to 90MHz. This chip is supported by several Linux distributions, including FSMLabs’s real-time RTLinux.” At $99 (cheaper than many textbooks and graphing calculators) it could even be good for classrooms. With that 802.11b WiFi, I think this might be a perfect note-taking computer for students in lectures. ”

[Via Slashdot: ]