MS Exchange and marketshare

Ed Brill had yet another post addressing the marketshare of MS Exchnage vs Lotus Notes

Bill Gates spoke at last week’s Office Developer conference on a range of topics.  One interesting bit comes in the Q&A at about the 1:07:00 mark, in response to a question about licensing:

We’ve driven Exchange penetration up substantially over these last couple of years, talking about from 55% to 75% market share on Exchange.

A colleague and I just listened to the webcast a couple of times to make sure we didn’t mis-hear this….

So is this another example of Microsoft’s “say it enough times and it will be accepted as truth” approach?  I’ve never seen a market share report in our market that substantiates this.  As I’ve mentioned previously, Gartner indicates that IBM Lotus is #1 in e-mail/calendaring
in their last published report, at 46% share worldwide.

Aparently Gartner Group is the reference proving something different; in favor of IBM Lotus ofcourse.

This post is a placeholder and a reminder for me to spend some time this weekend to to some digging into this topic. It’s very similar to the TCO dicussions : there’s a lot of variation between the different “reliable” sources. Questions is often what are we measuring and are we comparing apples to apples.

To be continued …

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