Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 Revealed – Magneto

Tomorrow at CES it’s likely that Bill Gates will further unveil parts of Microsoft’s plans for the next generation of Windows Mobile. Currently in beta testing, Magneto is the code-name for what is expected to be finally named as Windows Mobile 2005.

Microsoft is progressing well with Magneto and is currently running a Beta 2 (v5.0.1512 Build 14207) dogfood test internally. The first release candidate of Magneto is expected on the 16th February with an RTM following on the 13th April. Currently Microsoft are only testing Magneto on the Motorola MPx220 Smartphone. This indicates that the device will be able to be upgraded sometime this year. It’s unclear what others devices will be supported for upgrade.

Magento promises a lot of improvements from previous versions of Windows Mobile including some major UI overhaul. Microsoft are improving the contacts part of Windows Mobile. ActiveSync 4 (currently in beta at v4.0.0 Build 4200) will allow the synchronisation of Outlook contact pictures. This will be for both smartphone users and Pocket PC users. There will be improved finger accessibility of communications methods on Pocket PC and a new International address parser meaning that each country will be properly parsed and the addresses/phone numbers recognised.

Internet Explorer Mobile will be improved upon. Full screen viewing, a progress bar to help users gauge download progress and a security icon to indicate when secure pages are being accessed.

Windows Mobile 2005 will support Wi-fi for smartphones. A big step and a big step in the right direction. WPA will be supported and users will be able to talk on their phones whilst using Wi-fi. Microsoft will actively support VoIP via Wi-Fi for Enterprise customers.

One of the most exciting things about Magento is the increased user interface customisation. There is a dialling canvas for UI and functionality, title bar icon flexibility and grid view for smartphones.

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