Why go mini when you go can go super-sized! That’s what a 2002 Ford Expedition owner named Hoss did when he installed a custom-built Windows Media Center Edition PC into his Sub/Amp box, which is controlled via an in-dash 7-inch VGA touchscreen (via Matt Goyer). And to further satisfy his needs for performance and functionality, he configured the CarPC with high-end desktop hardware – none of that measly mini-itx stuff. So if you’ve been considering installing a PC in your car or just curious to see what Hoss came up with, have look at his CarPC project page – loaded with notes, pictures, and even a video demo. More…

[Via eHomeUpgrade]

Is not unique. One of my collegues build a laptop in his car and hooked it up to the display of his VDO Dayton navigation system. I am waiting for a more simple kit myself 🙂

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