Conspiracy against Lotus ? or cultivated by them ?

On that last day / hours of my holiday I have finally come round to catching up on some older posts I parked. Too long yes, so this maybe old news for some of you.

I started with reading an old post from Ed Brill’s blog about an article on SearchDomino about whether or not there is some kind of industry conspiracy against Lotus resulting in aparently a declining marketshare.

When reading this I realised that Lotus has become pretty good in playing the role of “victim” and is perhaps actually making this part of their formal (corporate websites) and informal (published articles by Notes professionals and personal weblogs) marketing. Competitors are often/always depicted as the big bad wolf. Some examples are the Radicati ‘incident’ and discussions around the Meta Group report; both of them are quoted in another article by SearchDomino as well as on lot’s and lot’s of other websites. I am not saying Lotus is the victim; because their success and current marketshare to name a few doesn’t fit hat profile at all.

Maybe the real “conspiracy” here is not aimed at Lotus / IBM but one carefully directed by them ? (No I have not been drinking, but just want to stick with the SearchDomino metafore). Carefully directed leveraging both the formal and informal marketing channels and the large and loyal Notes userbase.