Brian Benz : Making Bad Decisions about Bad Software

Brian Benz is taking my post about application rationalisation to the next level. Most of what he is saying makes perfect sence.

The discussion however is taken a bit out of context from what I mean to illustrate. The example used in my post was to illustrate that an organisation often has to go through a lot of pain and cost simply because they were changing the underlying infrastructure and wanted to retain what they have on the application side.

There are a number of companies who want to migrate away from Notes for a number of reasons. They perceive the application lock-in as one of the most trivial points in their decision making and planning. As has been commented to the original post, application rationalisation makes perfect sence in any organisation and on any platform and I agree with that.

Some organisation no longer see Notes Domino as the preferred application platform for any of their business critical applications and they are containing what they currently have, but no longer expanding. From that perspective the need to consolidate / reduce the number of applications in a contained environment is growing. Application consolidation makes sence in my opinion and should be a process to consider as part of any migration scenario. With an application lock-in reduced or out of the way this process will be easier.