Underwhelmed on the Road to Instanbul, Oct 22

I’m underwhelmed by “Instanbul”, Microsoft’s recently announced real-time collaboration client. Some of the capabilities sound very helpful — eg, indicating what type of device other people are using, the consolidated address book, and telephony integration. It appears to be an staid evolution of Windows Messenger, but that’s all. I was hoping Microsoft would pull off something revolutionary. …

Shared Spaces Research & Consulting: Underwhelmed on the Road to Instanbul, Oct 22

Michael Sampson is not so easy to impress. He does have some good points for improvement. I couldn’t quite read in his blogpost that he has actually already seen Istanbul in real live.

Functionality offered through LCS 2005 in combination with Istanbul are already a major step forward and on the spot for companies to make the next step in Real Time Communication: combining IM , Phone, Video through Presence integration in just about every Office System application.