lotus.com: Why upgrade to Notes/Domino 6.5.x

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino continues to set the standard for innovation in the messaging and collaboration market that Lotus defined over a decade ago. With each release of Notes and Domino, IBM improves the scalability, security, administration, and resource requirements, enabling customers to achieve the most from their infrastructure. Upgrading to the newest releases from earlier ones — or upgrading from Microsoft Exchange to Lotus Domino — can help your company to realize the greatest return on investment, potentially lower your cost of ownership, and improve user satisfaction.
[Via Ed Brill]

Despite all the discusion about the recent Radicati report and an earlier report which indicates the Microsoft platform provides a lower TCO and safer choice for the future, I haven’t seen any reports (sponsored or not sponsored) to validate IBM’s claim of “potentially lower cost of ownership and improved user satisfaction”.

So Why upgrade to Notes /Domino 6.5.x ??

Also don’t compare Exchange to Notes; it’s 2 different things. Compare platforms; Microsoft is clearly setting the stage for this. Collaboration platforms is a whole new ballgame.