Very cool new service : LiveMessage

As of now you can also link LiveMessage to your blog.

A first in the blogosphere. With LiveMessage:

* Drive more traffic to your blog by distributing content over real-time (IM) networks
* Automatically alert readers to new blog posts via desktop alert, cell, or email
* Accurately track subscribers
* Accurately track story click-thru’s
* No programming or implementation required
… and much more

LiveMessage Blogger Edition is a free alerting service (ad supported) that detects where a reader is online and delivers content in the exact way they’ve requested, whether’s it’s a desktop alert, cell, or email message.
Doing this means delivering e-content in the most effective way possible.
Valuable reporting tools will give you insight into your readership you’ve never had before.
Just as you’d expect, readers are in 100% control of opt-in and opt-out.
Feeds supported: 0.9X, 1.0, and 2.0. (Atom support in upcoming releases.)
For non-commercial blogs only. If you are a commercial syndication website, please see LiveMessage Syndication Edition.

Here’s my subscription link :