PDA security still dismal

Worker apathy about PDA security is putting corporate data in jeopardy. The storage of the names and addresses of corporate customers on PDAs is now common – but security practices are struggling to keep up with technology usage. Two thirds of users do not use any kind of encryption to protect confidential data on mobile devices, according to a survey commissioned by Pointsec Mobile Technologies and Infosecurity Europe. …

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As the number of PDA users keeps on growing security remains an issue. It is not that security on these devices is the problem is my opinion. Security is and will remain the responsibility of the end-user. Standard PDA, no matter the platfrom, come with various features for power on passwords and other security settings. In additions to these standard features users can install encryoption solutions that make it almost impossible to access information on the device without a pincode / password. Microsoft has a good whitepaper available which discusses the standard and 3rd party security solutions for the Windows Mobile platfrom.

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas
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