IBM sheds light on next Notes/Domino

“Lotus is hoping to refine its Notes evolution message given customer anxiety over Workplace and in light of discouraging market data. A report earlier this year by the Radicati Group predicts that over the next four years Lotus will lose market share as the Workplace platform is under development. Radicati says Lotus’ market share will fall from 24% to 17% in 2008, while Microsoft’s will grow from 31% to 33%. ”

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Oops, there’s the Radicati report again.
IBM still has to put in a lot of effort convincing customers that Notes Domino has a future.

Also in 7.0, Lotus is further integrating Workplace component technologies such as instant messaging, which was first integrated with e-mail in Notes 6.5., but in 7.0 supports calendaring and scheduling.

The Microsoft Colaboration platform includes features like this already. IM and Presence are integrated in almost every productivity application, from Outlook, throught all of the Office System apps. The other advantage is that from a collaboration platform perspective there is a truely integrated vision and solution are coming together to provide a real integrated user experience. The IBM solution still come across as very complicated …

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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