Pocket PC Phone vs Pocket PC Phone and Smartphone vs. Smartphone

MSMobiles has a couple of side-by-sides (with plenty of specs, of course) of several of the new Pocket PC Phones and
Smartphone coming out, with the first one comparing the first three Pocket PC Phones with built-in WiFi, Motorola’s MPx
(pictured at right), HP’s iPAQ h6315, and the XDA III (aka the MDA III aka the Qtek 9090 aka the CU928), and the other
pitting Orange’s new SPV C500 Smartphone against Motorola’s contender, the MPx220.

Read – MSMobiles – MPx vs. h6315 vs. XDA III

Read – MSMobiles – Orange SPV C500 vs. Motorola MPx220

[Via Engadget]

Some very good developements on the Windows Mobile device front.

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