Increasing number of readers

Based on the number of page hits and in particular the number of readers of my blog through the RSS feed keeps increasing bit by bit. Although it will never be the Newyork Times, its good to see that some of the stuff is interesting enough for people to visit my blog regularly and subscribe to my RSS feed.
My RSS feed runs through Feedburner which allows me to see the number of ‘hits’ and subscribers (not names or domains, just numbers).
I think it is because of the poor comment functionality in Blogger (I use Blogger) that people hardly ever comment. You have to register to comment, which is to much hassle for a lot of folks. I will see if I can do something about that. Overall I am quite happy with the functions and features of Blogger, but I look forward to what Microsoft will be offering in the bloggosphere in the near future. Microsoft is running trials at the moment in Japan an dif succesful (and finetuned I assume) it will spread further. I also run a Dutch weblog at

Meanwhile if you have comments, questions, complaints, drop me an email at