Ed Brill: eWeek: IBM sets sights on collaboration

The article starts with more coverage of the recent IBM Research press day, but expands into updated perspectives on the Lotus roadmap.

A recent demonstration of new collaboration technologies under development at IBM’s research labs won the company praise for its vision and deft handling of the Lotus Notes and Domino-to-Workplace migration issue.

Promising to change not only enterprise collaboration but also the way people work, IBM officials earlier this month previewed several technologies in development, some of which will start to appear in IBM’s Lotus Workplace suite this year, officials said.

[Lotus Vice President Mike] Rhodin said the Workplace strategy continues to call for interoperability with Notes and Domino, not migration. “We won’t ever walk away from that [Notes and Domino] base,” he said. “It makes no sense whatsoever. We haven’t even announced a migration strategy because we’ve been focused
on an interoperability strategy.”
Link: eWeek: IBM sets sights on collaboration

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Commented on Ed Brill’s post today about the fact that I still don’t understand IBM Colaboration strategy with regards to the roadmap and different productlines.

@ Ed,

I think the message is still confusing. I read into this that the future way to go is Workplace and the promise is it will be interoperable with Notes Domino.

What is the future of Notes Domino and will this one day be the same as Workplace ?

What are the reasons for continueing / building the 2 productlines besides the current Notes installed base ?

Why should clients opt dor one or the other ?