More is Better

This guy has a point. I think Microsoft is working really hard in a lot units to provide that level of integration and integrated experience. Just look at the progress that is made in the area of collaboration; integrating Microsoft Office, Windows SharePoint Services and Live Communication Server (IM). Microsoft just needs to get better in telling this integrated story.

I’ve been rethinking my initial reaction to the new Microsoft evangelism Websites I blogged about yesterday. While I stand by my initial reaction, I now see more benefits to Microsoft, its customers and partners.

In a blog post last month, colleague Michael Gartenberg made an important point about Microsoft marketing: “Show me what happens when you add a Tablet PC to Office 2k3 and OneNote. Show me that one Microsoft product is good, but two are better and three is ecstasy. Too many of these things are sold in different venues with different touch points. There’s no holistic story. There’s no synergy. Tell me one please.”

In delving deeper into the “at home” and “at work” Websites, the “more is better” really stands out. More than just evangelizing Windows XP, these Websites show the advantages of using other Microsoft products with the operating system. By no means perfect, the approach is a good start–and commendable, too.

[Via Microsoft Monitor]

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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