Ed Brill: Computerworld: Momentum shifts to Notes…

Ed Brill, an IBM / Lotus employee quotes a Computerworld article claiming that companies are moving from Exchange to Notes instead of the other way around.
Although the quoted article (by the way Ed, the link in your post doesn’t work) may create perception that this is some sort of trend, I can say it is absolutely not. Sure some companies may decide to migrate away from Exchange, but there are many examples of the opposite also (see the comments to Ed’s post).

What I question personally is why companies would move to Lotus Notes now IBM is shifting focus away from Notes to Lotus Workplace ?

caught this first…<blockquote>Momentum
Shifts to Notes .. as Exchange cools. That’s the view of Steven Birchfield,
president of Automation Space LLC in Tucson, Ariz. ….He says that in
the past nine months, he hasn’t seen one company move from Notes to Exchange,
a common phenomenon in recent years. But he has seen a handful move in
the other direction.

[Via Ed Brill]