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Flash-concurrent Silverlight op mobieltjes Nokia

Dit is een mooie deal voor het verkrijgen van installed base voor Silverlight … … Interactieve webapplicaties worden beter toegankelijk op smartphones van Nokia. Het bedrijf gaat Microsofts Silverlight-platform distribueren op miljoenen toestellen. … Source: Flash-concurrent Silverlight op mobieltjes Nokia

Microsoft mobility announcements

Microsoft Corp. and Cbeyond announced a new e-mail service, including support for mobile devices, that is now available as part of a communications package specifically targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). www.microsoft.com / www.cbeyond.com Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of…

Consumers to drive enterprise mobility

Interesting, a consumerisation push ahead ? I can relate to the article that the gap between (old) technology used in companies today vs what is really the latest and greatest is becoming bigger and bigger … … Enterprises hoping to…