Last year in August I was a bit bored during my holiday and this ‘boredome’ resulted in a new project : What if I created a website in which (almost) all of the events that are organised around Porsche cars in The Netherlands can be found in 1 place. And so Porschekalender.nl was born. 

I do not have the intention to make money with this project; just have the best Calendar for Porsche related events ‘at your fingertips’.

The result is showing. Puur Porsche Magazine is using Porschekalender.nl as their standard agenda. Also GP Eilte, the company that organises and delivers all of the Porsche trackdays and trainings in The Netherlands lists all of their events also on the site.

Last but not least, creating this site was my first WordPress project. Sure I use a standard template but it did teach me a lot of things in translating the template in Dutch, working with widgets, etc, etc .